Letter - Losing out in more ways than one

I was unfortunate to lose some personal property in Castleford town centre, so I went to the shops I had visited the day before hoping that someone may have found the article and handed it in.

Unfortunately this proved not to be the case.

My next action was to telephone the police and ask to be put through to Castleford police station so they could check their lost and found records.

I was surprised when the lady answering (not at the police station) said she could not put me through to the new Castleford police offices as they no longer dealt with public callers.

This information surprised me, so I visited the new police offices which are now part of the Fire Station on Beancroft Road.

Unfortunately I found that the switchboard lady appeared to be right, I could not gain entry and got no response from pressing the intercom.

I came away feeling that Castleford has lost an important public facility in the centrally located Jessop Street Police Station.

It would appear that any public spirited citizen who now finds anything of value in Castleford and wants to hand it over to the police for safe keeping is expected to take it at their own expense to either Normanton

or Pontefract Police stations.

I can’t help but feel that any chance of being reunited with your lost property in Castleford has been seriously affected by the recent police relocation changes.

Joan Leese

Heald Street