LETTER: Let’s not go back in time

On July 10 2010 we had over a million workers exercise their right to strike as a last resort because the powers-that-be have failed to engage in meaningful talks.

After over two years of the powers-that-be setting goals then reneging on the same agreements then ignoring the unions approaching the powers-that-be to continue talks.

The government of the day have now decided to cover their inept and calculated actions to blame the unions for failing to talk! They are now going to push a law through that will force all unions to have at least 70 per cent of members voting before strike action can be legal.

Now is it not hypocritical of this government, who came to power with only 36 percent of all votes cast, that they can insist on others having 70 percent in law?

People, do some thinking: you would not have the safeguards in place where you work if it was not union members fighting and some dying for yours and other’s rights in the workplace and living wages which have been eroded since Thatcher and more so now.

Let’s take the UNISON members that went on strike, information came to me that those who came out on strike have to endure not only cut in their pay, they have to endure being treated like dogs at the beck and call of senior staff, even if it means losing their rights to a lunch break each day, they are still not allowed to take this break set down in law later in the day and they do not get paid for any hour worked outside their normal working hours.

Now how many of you would sit by and have your official break taken away from you and made to work your full contracted hours with no break practically every day and work hours you didn’t get paid for?

Look at the evidence with your own eyes. Since Thatcher, the unions have been slowly crushed and the final throws of the dice is we will end up a dictatorship, once again for the money men and big business who would let the democracy we have left wither on the vine. Those who have will keep their idea of democracy, the rest of us can bow and scrape say please and doff our caps as we did before the Jarrow marches took place for the right to work and earn a living wage which applies even today and many tomorrows to come.

This will lead each section of unions and the general public, slowly turning at each others’ throats, whilst the fat cats lay back-slapping their over-extended bellies gleaned off the workers’ backs knowing that the Conservative government of the day will look after their own interests not the working of this country.

Get it together, please, members of all unions or backwards in time, rights and wages we will go.

Mr P D Roper

Little Lane