Letter - Investigate health issues

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Living only two miles from Knottingley, over the border into North Yorkshire, I ,like several hundreds of other people have to use GP practices and hospital facilities in West Yorkshire.

I have been placing my concerns to Stephen Eames the chief executive of the Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust for the last few years due to the lack of emergency facilities at Pinderfields and also the lack of consultants there but he fails to realise that his judgments are putting patients’ lives at risk.

When Mr Eames declared on the local news and what was reported in the Express that Jeremy Hunt, secretary of state for health, had granted permission that Dewsbury A&E was to be downgraded and that Pinderfields would have the main A&E for the area with no mention at all of Pontefract, which we all know is just a glorified GP practice.

This is a huge area to cover with Pontefract areas that go out towards South Yorkshire, KIrklees area Huddersfield and of course North Yorkshire which Mr Eames made no mention about in his report.

With 900 houses proposed to be built on the old site of the Prince of Wales Colliery at Pontefract where are the owners of these properties going to receive hospital and GP care in the area in the future?

I have to travel to Wakefield for appointments which cost me money, and when you are waiting five plus hours after your appointment time before you are seen and need to know why, and that is because they do not have sufficient consultants in place and book too many patients on one day.

I established last year that the Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (WCCG) who are responsible for what operations and procedures are carried out at Pinderfields have passed a lot of hospital procedures to the GPs who are making a handsome private fee to do these and at further expense to you and I when doctors and consultant are already employed at Pinderfields. Why?

I was told by the WCCG that this was perfectly acceptable as long as the GPs declared it.

I would like to ask Yvette Cooper MP once again as she did not respond last time, along with my MP, Nigel Adams, to investigate these matters on our behalf.

S Garnham

Wrights Lane