Letter - Housing Band B? Don’t hold your breath...

If you are a long-term WDH tenant looking to move in to one of the many brand new houses being built around the area, don’t hold your breath in getting one.

It appears that no matter how many years you have been waiting to down size, up size, re-locate through medical reasons, or simply wish to have a lovely new home, your chances of getting one are pretty slim, unless you are in the Band A category.

I do sympathise with some people who find themselves in a Band A category but I don’t sympathise with them all.

The majority of people not in Band A have been WDH tenants for years, some have always paid their rent due in full and on time, some could live in houses that could compare to show homes, but will they get one? No.

Bcause instead saying to people in Band A, like they did to me 14 years ago when my marriage broke down and I had two children under three, we have a property for you. It’s comfortable, it’s affordable and it’s better than what you have at present, go live there and wait like everyone else for a brand new home, or something other you prefer, WDH don’t.

They allow their long-term tenants to continue waiting while those who have only just registered can be allowed the luxury of these properties.

I cite one recent allocation, a brand new build open to A+B, allocated to Band A who was only on the waiting list for less than seven weeks, 98 interested parties.

I ask you were is the decency in that, and I appeal to anyone on the waiting list not in Band A to petition WDH for changes.

WDH housing allocations is a joke, and unless something is done long-term tenants like you and I will watch as all the new builds are simply given away to people who have only just registered to be housed.

A Band B tenant

Name and address withheld