Letter - Great to see MPs’ backing for coalfields campaign

It was really good to read that our MPs from the former mining communities in this area are backing the ‘Justice for the Coalfields’ campaign.

This was launched by Barnsley MP Michael Dugher, shadow minister for the Cabinet on January 29.

The campaign couldn’t be more timely, as we approach the 30th anniversary of the year-long miners strike.

This new initiative will also be a powerful boost to the work of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign which in just over a year has gone from an idea to being a very well organised national campaign.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is chasing up evidence about the behaviour of South Yorkshire Police at Orgreave in June 1984 to see if there is the basis for a full inquiry.

But as your report pointed out, now that the Cabinet papers covering the strike are coming out, there are big questions about the government’s role in spreading false reports and covering up.

Incidentally not all of the Cabinet papers have been disclosed. All files relating to the security services have been removed and also some relating to police operations.

Nicholas Jones has written an extremely interesting chapter about this in the book I have edited which will be published next month.

Granville Williams

Editor of Settling Scores: The Media, the Police and the Miners’ Strike

Tower Avenue