Letter - Employers are getting rich quick

I, like Ian Clayton, know quite a few continentals.

I find them mostly charming people. But that is not the point. The bloke he spoke to was trying to make a point but wasn’t as articulate as Ian.

I would consider the main point is that employers are taking migrant workers on at around £2 an hour.

They, because this is more than they get at home, are coming to this country to take the jobs.

As one immigrant said: “I am here to work, better to receive £2 an hour than £2 Euros a day.”

I spoke to a man recently who had lost his job. He said that if the government passed legislation that all employers must pay the minimum wage then immigration would mostly stop as they would employ British people as it would be a waste of time bringing over migrants as they would not make a big profit.

It is the old cheap labour racket. I have relatives who have been looking for work for ages that pay a living wage and can’t find it because of the prevaling circumstances.

It is not the migrant workers that are the problem it is the get rich quick employers. Quite a few are taking their businesses abroad to take full use of the very cheap labour.

They are not interested in the ordinary man in the street. Politicians know all this and do nothing to help.

James Colin Smith

Beech View

Fryston Lane