LETTER: Dismay at planned pool closure in Knottingley

I write with dismay at the proposal to close any public swimming baths, but to close Knottingley for the people of Knottingley is a crime against society.

Over the years I have had to use the baths to keep me and my body working.

When I was 30 I was told by the specialist at Pontefract Hospital to pack my job in because of the damage on my spine.

I asked “and what am I going to do”.

I worked in the building trade. Knottingley Baths prevented me from having to do this. I have been swimming approx 40 years at Knottingley. The people in your photo are probably swim for health campaigners.

The NHS should take some responsibility for the upkeep and also refer patients with back trouble to swimming. Anyone who has swam for health, will tell you it works.

A little story. A friend and I worked on the baths in 1970. We started on the footing for the pool.

The concrete in the footing was too high so the brickwork for the pool would not work courses. So my mate and I decided to put a brick on edge and two course on top. This meant that the bed joints were thicker than what they should have been.

Normally joints were around 10mm thick. Laying the bricks how we did it, meant the joints would work out double that.

The onsite council building inspector was in the footing with the rep from London Brick company. He spotted what we had done, and asked us to change it. We did not want to do it and had a heated debate with him. He wanted us to put four course grind down. This meant there would be no mortar in the bed joints. so the brickwork would be vulnerable to vibration and being at the side of the road would fail in time to come.

We got the rep involved who agreed with us, The building inspector was not having any of it. He made us do it how he wanted it and got us the sack.

He did us a favour, we were transferred to Bradford where there were 1,000,000 bricks to lay. The pool did fail and was closed for some time for repairs.

The decisions were wrong then, and your decision will be wrong now.

Geoffrey Asprey




Nr Goole