LETTER: Decision about Upton’s Beacon House was not taken lightly, says WDH

In response to your Editor’s Comment last week, we fully understand the points raised on behalf of the residents of Beacon House. This is not a decision taken lightly.

The comments miss the wider situation affecting older person’s accommodation in the south east. We accept our responsibility to ensure our Independent Living accommodation is well-managed and maintained, and we have redeveloped and improved accommodation across the district to ensure older and vulnerable people enjoy a better standard of living.

However, the needs of older and vulnerable people in Wakefield are changing, and it is not solely WDH’s responsibility to make sure that our Independent Living properties continue to be used as they were intended.

It is a joint responsibility to ensure all the district’s accommodation meets the needs of the Wakefield residents, now and in the future, and we fully accept our part in this.

In the meantime, we remain committed to offering tenants of Beacon House every support and assistance and providing accommodation at Beacon House that meets the needs of Upton and the surrounding areas.

Kevin Dodd

Chief Executive

Wakefield District Housing