Letter - Debate continues over police HQ

Graham Isherwood is indeed right to say the police HQ is in Featherstone as is Bosch and Sew Eurodrive that is unless the Men In Grey Suits (MIGS) have moved the boundaries again.

The map I have also shows the postcode has WF7 (Featherstone) not WF6 (Normanton). Going back a few years the boundary was Wain Dike Beck which put half of the old Normanton golf course in Old Snydale and a large part of the industrial estate in Loscoe - both part of Featherstone Parish.

Also in recent years part of Whitwood was in Ackton. Going back to Victorian days almost all of Whitwood was part of Featherstone even as far as Whitwood Mere.

I notice also that the the boundary signs have moved in recent years - the MIGS at work again! The sign for Featherstone on Went Lane was a few yards short of Went Beck - now it is Purston Park.

The other side of the fork Purston Lane the sign was one third the through the old Ackworth End of Ackton Hall pit. The shaft was actually in Featherstone Parish.

If we let them carry on the MIGS will shrink Featherstone out of existence.

George Birch

The Delph