LETTER: Check out graves for grass cuttings

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When arriving at Hemsworth Cemetery on Wednesday morning, I was shocked when I discovered that nearly all the gravestones were covered with grass clipping, including the paths.

The reason for this was due to the council cutting the long grass using ride on mowers, which was splattering the grass everywhere.

The rain was quite heavy on this morning and the grass was sticking to the gravestone masonry.

To my horror when I discovered that my mum’s grave was covered completely with grass, to the extent that I was unable to find the grave straight away and I had to search through the grass clippings to find it.

After moving the grass, it revealed foot activity over the grave where the strimmer and mowers had been.

I could understand to some extent when grass clipping are splattered about on road side verges or playing fields but where is the respect here? It’s not good enough.

After arriving home I rang the council to express my feelings and asked to meet the manager who authorised the grass cutting under wet conditions and the methods they use, but so far I have had no response from them at all – typical.

There is not just my mum’s grave affected - there are any more and I urge anyone who has their love ones buried at Hemsworth to check out their graves. After all, if this was done by vandals there would have been outrage.

Robert Collins

Pennine Way