Is Sam’s certificate still in situ?

I just want to touch upon Ian Clayton’s write up in regarding miners (Express, July 25).

My late husband’s grandfather, Sam Richards, was given a certificate when he left the mining industry at a ripe old age. It stated that he was the longest serving miner.

He came to Yorkshire from Leicester when times were bad. He started work down the mines at a very early age (around 11, I believe) and he retired around the age of 77 at Fryston Pit.

The certificate is now at the National Mining Museum, it was given to the museum by my late husband’s cousin, Alan Richards, who lives in South Australia. My husband, who was brought up by his grandparents, gave the certificate to Alan. Alan was over here one year and happened to overhear someone telling a group of children in the museum about another person who was said to be the longest serving miner, Alan knew this to be wrong and approached the person and promised to bring the certificate over the next time he visited, which he did.

I would like to think this certificate is still there in the museum, I would be most grateful if anyone could confirm if this is the case.

Peggy Owen

Fryston Road