Hospital saga ‘is disgrace’

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SO the saga continues and I thought I’d have my two bob’s worth as well.

£20 million in debt, (£70m plus previously), a hospital that’s only got 150 beds from a 500 bed unit, no 24-hour A&E, no geriatric wards, no maternity wards.

A hospital we do not own, but wait, it does get worse. A head of the so called NHS trust (that’s a good word isn’t it, “trust”) on £200k-plus, never mind the incompetent buffoons who are still on the board who no doubt will be lining their pockets with expenses galore and whatever else they are leeching from the NHS, and the politicians who have allowed this to take place by allowing PFIs.

I wonder how years ago we managed to run in this area Castleford, Normanton and District Hospital, Castleford Maternity Home, Pontefract General Infirmary, Pontefract Joint Isolation, Pontefract Chequerfield, Ackton General Hospital, Pontefract Maternity Hospital, Southmoor Hemsworth, and many more?

All the people on the so called “trust” and the people who gave them their jobs should be sacked for what they have allowed to happen and people who have the NHS at heart should be placed on it, not people who are on it for themselves!

I suggest that public enquiry should be instigated into the mis management of public funds and let’s find out the true cost and who is responsible for this disgrace to the people of our district,


Moorview Close