Dad put 30 years into memorial

What a pity Brian Clayton’s memory is not what it was (Express June 20).

He seems to have completely have forgotten that my father, Tony Lumb, had some small input to the new memorial. His input was the names of some 420 soldiers who gave their lives in two world wars and other conflicts.

My father spent the last 30 years finding and researching these names, before the advent of the internet, and visiting Europe every year to photograph the names on memorials and the graves of these Featherstone soldiers.

In 1996 he created a Book of Remembrance with the names of the fallen, which is kept in the library.

The following year, David Bond and my father were the first to approach Councillor Peter Box with a view to building a new memorial in Featherstone. My father served on every committee long before Roy Bickerton and company took over and claimed all the glory.

My father worked for many months formatting the names on the proper soldier plates but he had nothing to do with the odious sponsor plates which have no place on a war memorial.

Just before the second opening day, my father was forced to resign from the committee.

Brian Clayton should realise that without my father’s efforts, this folly would be nothing more than a pile of bricks with his own name on them.

Beverley Lumb

Albert Street