At the heart of the matter

THE council is working hard to improve Wakefield's image so I offer a few thoughts.

In France towns often change their name to enhance their image. For example the council in Hyeres in Provence recently realised there were about 2,000 palm trees in the town - so Hyeres is now Hyeres les Palmiers. Similarly, the council in Sillans discovered a 200-million-year-old waterfall nearby, so it is now Sillans la Cascade.

So, what can we do for Wakefield? I think Wakefield sur Mer has a nice ring to it but, since the nearest sea is about 80 miles away, it hardly seems appropriate. How about Wakefield sur Plage (well there is a small beach at Pugneys)? I think we are short of palm trees and similarly olive trees, so they are out. Wakefield de la Trinite? Perhaps not, after all we are trying to improve the image.

Then it struck me! Where is Wakefield? About equidistant from London and Edinburgh, equidistant from the east and west coast, in fact at the heart of the country.

So, Wakefield au Coeur it is then.

I strongly urge all Wakefield folk who are proud of their town and have an interest in promoting it to add 'au Coeur' when giving their address. Who knows, we could be hosting our own film festival next year?

Ellen Gee

Lime Pit Lane, Stanley