Youngsters warned after rise in deliberate fires

Crews spent an hour at the incident
Crews spent an hour at the incident

A firefighter has warned youngsters about the dangers of starting fires, after a series of ‘deliberate’ blazes around South East Wakefield.

Crews from South Kirkby Fire Station were called to a car on fire close to the fire station at Avenue Lodeve at around 1pm yesterday (August 9).

Watch Commander Al Senior said the fire, near to a fishing pond, had been started deliberately.

And he said firefighters had been called out to deal with several arson attacks at grasslands across the South East of the district during the past few weeks.

Watch Commander Senior said: “We try to get the message across to people to not light fires and not give in to peer pressure.

“It is often teenagers and we normally get a spike during the summer holidays.

“We want people to know how dangerous it is for them and emphasise that it is taking us away from other incidents.”