Winning the struggle

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Wakefield Metropolitan District Council has now responded to my request given out last year, to erect safety fencing around the children’s play equipment on the Holmsley Estate Recreation Ground.

My thanks to all those concerned in the provision of this long awaited protection for our kiddies. Chris Sadler and his WMDC staff have worked really diligently to create a safe haven for our youngsters.

Particular thanks must go out to all the little uns, who have positively assisted me over the years in helping create a much cleaner area for their play activities.

They constantly lead by example in helping keep the area clean.

Many of the local youth/teenagers have also responded to my requests and I am eternally grateful for their help too!

To the few misguided people who leave their litter behind, can I please ask them to realise that they are only punishing their very own families?

It is they who are holding back the rewards the little ones genuinely deserve!

For my part I will continue to push for what our community deserves from its contributions into Council coffers by way of our taxes etc.

We are slowly winning the struggle for a better facility for all.

With just a little more thought by a few, we can move on towards achieving even better results in the future. Yes even for those who leave their rubbish behind!

Please let the fencing be just the start and not the end of our little Eco Warriors Crusade!

Bryan Thomas

Dunsley Terrace

South Kirkby