Will council remember us?

I WOULD like to reply to the article ‘Village projects hike up parish precept’ (Express, February 2).

I am all for improving the parish areas, and new projects especially the garden for a fallen hero Luke Farmer - I am an ex-serviceman myself - but what annoys me is that I live on the Minsthorpe estate.

I would like to know what plans the Upton Councillors have for this area as this falls within the remit of Upton and North Elmsall parish Boundaries and we pay the precept to them.

I have noticed recently that football fields in Upton have been fenced off due to issues surrounding motorcycles, it would seem that they have now appeared on Minsthorpe Fields.

Will the council look to fencing these fields off ? I think not.

Also, £5,000 for hanging baskets, of which I don’t see many around the Minsthorpe estate, I could think of better ways of spending that money repairing pot holes etc.

Two years ago the parish precept went up a considerable amount to pay for allotments and park areas. I know this as I am a holder of an allotment not far from the village hall but yet one year on we still are waiting to be connected to the water mains.

It states in your article that we will be contributing further funds to allotments, it would seem that we will be paying for allotments every year.

On the Minsthorpe estate there is no park for the children the only park is down by the swimming baths and is full of rubbish empty beer cans etc and in poor condition.

Also on the Minsthorpe Field there used to be a refuse bin for dog faeces but it has disappeared and yet the pile of bags of poo is getting bigger this being only 15 feet away from South Elmsall United Junior Football Clubs Container. I have tried to contact WMDC but no one at the desk to answer.

Maybe this could be a notice to all dog owners to stop dumping them there and take it home. There are children that train and play football there.

It is disgusting behaviour from dog owners.

Peter Broad

Bailey Crescent

South Elmsall