Who is fooling who?

AT this year’s Hemsworth Town council annual meeting, I grasped my once a year opportunity and in front of witnesses, asked this question:

‘Why has Hemsworth Town Council purchased land from a local developer at £774,000 per acre, yet under the same deal sold land, even allowing for the overage mentioned by the chairman at, I suspect, for less than £400,000 per acre?

There is no mention of these figures in the minutes of the meeting. This comes as little surprise, I have to say, over the past few years Hemsworth Town Council and Wakefield Council have performed heroically to try and keep this and many other aspects of the deal free from public scrutiny.

This Labour-run Town Council has effectively abolished the public’s monthly verbal question time. Questions must be sent in writing. If you send in a question they don’t want an answer to, then guess what, as many a precept payer has found out, you don’t get an answer. This Town Council makes the Freemasons look like a radical wing of the Fabian Society.

At the recent district council elections, the local Labour Party once again unleashed the old predictable yet condescending flyer (don’t be fooled). With land deals like the one mentioned above I would like to ask our Labour councillors, who is fooling who?

In the past few weeks the Labour Party leader Ed Milliband has called for a pubic enquiry, claiming the Tories had put the interest of Rupert Murdoch’s News International before the public interest.

Anyone taking a peek through the vale of secrecy that has surrounded the sale of the Kirkby Road Sports Complex can clearly see that the public interest doesn’t even come close. You only have to tale to people from around the country, this is not an isolated occurrence, It is little wonder electoral turnouts at all levels are plummeting,

I am quite sure our local MP is thankful he doesn’t get involved in local politics. If her did, he might well find the stench in Hemsworth and Wakefield is nearly as bad as the palace of Westminster.

David Pringle

Springwell Court