West Yorkshire Police issue life-saving advice to youths using lagoon aids as ‘water toys’

Horbury lagoon.
Horbury lagoon.

pOLICE HAVE issued a warning after spotting youths swimming in water which has claimed several lives and using life-saving buoyancy aids.

Officers at West Yorkshire Police’s Wakefield Central neighbourhood team attended Horbury Lagoons in the district on Wednesday evening to find the youngsters in the water. They said the bouyancy equipment was being used as “water toys”.

In a warning on social media afterwards, they said: “We advise no one to enter a cold water Lake, pond or river for recreational purposes. The risks are very real, too many people lose their lives every year under estimating the effects that cold water can have on the body.

“Even the strongest swimmers can fall victim to this hidden danger.

“The youths showed complete disregard for the safety of others by removing the life-saving equipment from its holders.”

They said they would be patrolling the area more frequently to try to advise people of the dangers of entering the water.

There have been several deaths at the site over the years including, most recently, a 32-year-old man who drowned there last year.