We say no to farm

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RESPONDING to comments by Michael Townsend, the agent for the farmer who has applied for a piggery at Badsworth - the objections are not just about the view.

Whoever owns the surrounding lands, people have the right to object to any development, when it will have an impact on the area’s natural habitat, beauty and effect their lives.

1,500 pigs will effect the surrounding area and especially the Bullcarr Mires Special Scientific Interest site.

He said that any effluence would be dealt with, this ‘muck’ will be stockpiled, then transported to fields and spread. This area already has to suffer the rancid smell of turkey muck spread onto fields, brought to us by the prevailing winds. On some days it is difficult to even stay outside. And now we have the prospect of pig muck to saviour.

He said lorries would satisfy any highway requirements - one objection raised is the increased traffic from lorries through the local villages.

The local roads have weight restrictions, they were not designed for lorry use, hence new bypasses.

Landowners should not assume that because they own the land they can do what they like and we must ‘dob our caps’ and accept it. They aren’t the sole custodians of this country’s natural heritage, this is the 21st not the 16th century.

People have the right to object when the local habitat and their own wellbeing is being put at risk. People have a voice and that voice says no to this pig farm.

Kevin West

Quarry Lane