We're the best at our school!

PUPILS at Kinsley J&I School have done themselves proud by getting the best SATs results in the history of the school.

More than 40 per cent of children taking the exams achieved a level five, which is the highest they could have been awarded.

The number of children getting a level four also improved by 27 per cent in English, 24 per cent in science and 15 per cent in maths compared with last year.

Overall, 86 per cent of year 6 pupils managed to achieve a level four or higher. Three children from the year group were also presented with a trophy for their good work over the past year.

Emma Womersley received the excellence in English award, John Brown was awarded with a trophy for excellence in maths and Jasmine Garfitt received the Progress Cup.

The trophies were given to the youngsters, who are all 11 years old, in a special leavers’ assembly.

Children with excellent homework records also received certificates and each leaver was given stationery and a calculator.

Headteacher Jill Brookling said: “The pupils worked tremendously hard in their exams and I am very proud of them. They were pleased with their results and their parents were thrilled to bits as well. It was the best level fives in the history of the school and our results overall have really improved since last year.

“The maths and English awards were given out to Emma and John for getting the highest SATs results and the progress cup was given to Jasmine, who has come along tremendously.

“All our children suffered the trauma of losing their teacher, Andy Mason, in March and had excellent support from their parents and staff in coming to terms with the tragedy.”