We paid for court fight

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In Letters Extra last week Mr Dave Evans wanted to know who would be paying the court costs for the recent road naming hearing at Pontefract Magistrates’ Court.

Mr Evans, we went to court three times, Mrs Cawthorne, Coun Benson and myself.

The court costs were £200 and paid for by the three of us, each paying £65, and Mr Evans you did not have to pay anything out of your taxes for court costs.

You do mention in your letter that money could be better spent in the local community and I agree with you.

Mr Evans needs to be asking WMDC in times of the cutbacks all councils are having to make - how much will it cost for two unnecessary road signs to be made and erected and will Coun Harrison be having a special unveiling?

I do hope we will not be having German and French visitors. I better be careful he may be calling me xenophobic because I do not like the French, but I have my own reasons for disliking the French.

June Harrison

Prospect Terrace

South Kirkby