‘We’ll all have to pay’ - councillor hits out after piles of tyres are fly-tipped

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Fly-tippers are being hunted after dumping piles of old tyres on a Pontefract street.

The rubbish was left behind Rookhill Road and Wakefield Council has been forced to send out officers to dispose of the mess.

Pontefract ward councillor, David Jones is angry at the mess left behind and is calling on residents to make sure those responsible are found.

He said: “ Someone has been paid to take these used tyres to an appropriate centre for destruction.

“Instead they have dumped them. Somebody must have seen this happen.

“So now the council and Wakefield District Housing will have to pay to have them removed which means we have to pay, you have to pay and the community has to pay.

“Somebody has made a profit out of us and that is not right.

“If you know anything please contact the council, you can do it anonymously.

“Please help, remember that council tax is having to significantly increase next year - this is a reason.”

Residents responded to the situation on social media with one saying the street had been a fly-tipping hotspot for years and that CCTV was needed to deter criminal behaviour.

Recent figures from the Department of Transport showed that the Wakefield district was hit with a £258,716 bill to clean up illegally-dumped waste during the 2016/17 financial year.

Due to ongoing austerity measures, Wakefield Council was forced to axe a dedicated fly-tipping team and reduce street cleaning last year, which led to criticism.