Warning after arson attacks in Ackworth and Hemsworth

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Firefighters have described arsonists as “irresponsible beyond belief” after attending two deliberate fires over the weekend.

Sheds and outbuildings at an allotment off Springfield Avenue in Hemsworth were set alight during the early hours of Saturday morning (March 12).

Crews were called to the scene at around 3.40am and it took nearly four hours for them to extinguish the blaze.

And a trailer of hay bails was deliberately set on fire at Low Farm in Ackworth on Sunday morning (March 13).

Teams from South Kirkby and Pontefract fire stations were called at around 8.50am.

Watch commander Allan Senior at South Kirkby fire station said: “Arson is a stupid thing to do. It really is dangerous because the fire can easily spread and people can get hurt.

“It’s a risk to their own safety, it’s a risk to the safety of others and these arsonists are also putting fire fighters at risk too.

“Plus, if we are out attending a deliberate fire, we cannot be somewhere else where a fire has started accidentally and other people’s lives may be in danger.

“There are serious consequences if you get convicted of arson. Don’t light fires. It is irresponsible beyond belief.”

Watch Commander Senior also warned people to ensure they have working smoke alarms fitted.