Wakefield pup Alfie tops list of unluckiest pet names

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He may still have a festive twinkle in his eye, but unlucky pup Alfie was in quite the Yuletide tangle after swallowing a set of Christmas lights.

And that wasn’t the first time the English Bull Terrier found himself on the wrong side of Lady Luck, having also been diagnosed with a heart condition and renal failure and regularly visiting the vets after eating plastic toys, an advent calendar and even his owner’s birth certificate.

But now new research has revealed it may be the calamitous canine’s name that is to blame.

A study by The Co-op Insurance looked at thousands of claims and found that Alfie is the unluckiest dog name.

Other unlucky names include Charlie, Bella, Molly, Ruby, Max, Archie, Poppy, Rosie and Daisy.

Alfie’s owner Amy Mallinder, from Wakefield, said: “Alfie is always up to something.

“I’ll never forget the look on my partner’s face when he found out Alfie had decided to eat not only his birth certificate but his driving licence too!

“Despite his health problems I wouldn’t change him for the world. He is part of the family.”

The 10 unluckiest cat names were Oscar, George, Alfie, Charlie, Leo, Molly, Max, Leo, Molly, Max, Willow, Harry and Henry.

The study also found cat owners are most likely to claim for road traffic accidents and dog owners are most likely to claim for ear issues and lameness.