Wakefield predator jailed for “campaign of rape”

Domiso Celistine
Domiso Celistine

A dangerous rapist who thought he could evade justice has been given a 24-year extended prison sentence for a series of attacks on vulnerable young women and girls.

A judge branded Domiso Celistine a “sexual predator” and told him that he needed to have an extra five years licence added to his 19-year prison term because of the danger he posed to females.

Bradford Crown Court heard how one of Celestine’s rape victims had died without seeing him brought to justice and others had been left suffering nightmares and flashbacks of the attacks which took place during a four-year period between 2010 and 2014.

In total Celestine attacked five complainants, the youngest being only 15, and often took the opportunity to force himself on them after they had drunk too much.

Judge Jonathan Rose said Celestine had used both physical force and subterfuge to carry out the attacks.

The court heard that some of the initial sex attack allegations against Celestine had been dropped and Judge Rose said the defendant had felt “empowered” by a feeling that he had got away with it.

But last month Celestine, of Old Crown Road, Lupset, finally stood trial on a series of charges covering a period between 2010 and 2014 and was found guilty by the jury of three rapes, one attempted rape, one sexual assault and one assault by penetration.

The court heard that some victims had been asleep in bed when Celestine attacked them while one complainant had been “bundled” into a taxi after a night out and taken back to his flat.

Celestine, 24, sexually assaulted another vulnerable teenager after following her down a dark, secluded alleyway after a night out.

Judge Rose referred to a series of victim impact statements, including one from the mother of the deceased complainant, in which they described the traumatic effects of Celestine’s attacks and the process of giving evidence against him at two trials.

The 15-year-old described how she repeatedly washed herself after the attack and another complainant felt she had lost her dignity.

Judge Rose said Celestine had to be sentenced for a catalogue of “depraved and despicable offences” and he described the defendants crimes as “a campaign of rape”.

The judge noted that Celestine plied a 16-year-old with vodka to get her more drunk and offered her £800 pounds to have sex with him.

She managed to fight him off, but on another night he got into bed after she went to sleep and raped her.

Judge Rose said Celestine had “preyed” on vulnerable complainants while his wife and children slept at home and he had accused the victims of being liars during his trials.

He said all the complainants had suffered lasting psychological harm and Celestine posed a substantial risk of serious harm to members of the public particularly young women.

“You’ve shown no remorse whatsover,” said Judge Rose.

“You have no insight whatsoever into the harm you have caused.”

Det Con Yates, of the Wakefield District Child Safeguarding Unit, said: “Celestine’s truly appalling record of offending speaks for himself and I am very pleased that a man who is clearly a real danger to women will now spend many years behind bars.

“The victims in this case have shown great strength and bravery in giving evidence and I hope this conviction helps to bring them some closure.

“Time and again Celestine deliberately targeted and then preyed on vulnerable women in a four year pattern of offending across the district.

“The sentence he has been given reflects the clear risk he poses and should act as a warning to other offenders that they will be punished severely by the courts.”

She added: “All reports of serious sexual assault in Wakefield and in West Yorkshire generally are taken extremely seriously. Victims can feel confident in coming forward knowing they will always be listened to and police will thoroughly investigate.”