Wakefield grime artist teams up with Tom Zanetti and top Leeds bareknuckle fighter

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Wakefield grime artist Danbo Rambo has released a new single that could prove to be a bareknuckle boxing anthem.

The video for ‘Walk It’ features Dean ‘Smudger’ Smith, a top bareknuckle fighter from Leeds.

Smith was approached by Sleeping Is Cheating label boss Tom Zanetti while they were training at the Golden Team gym in Leeds.

Smith said: “I asked to listen to the song before I agreed to go in the video.

“I thought it was really catchy and when I listened to the words, I really liked it.

“It’s about getting on with it, showing what you can do instead of just talking about what you can do.

“That really appeals to me, as a bareknuckle boxer.

“I meet a lot of people who tell me what great fighters they are, but when I ask them to prove it, sometimes they can’t.

“The song is saying: ‘I want to see you walk it, not hear you talk it.’

“Lots of people tell you they can fight, but the ring is a lie detector.”

Smith has proved his courage in the Army and in the amateur and unlicensed boxing rings before taking up bareknuckle.

The 35-year-old is next in action at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday, January 26 when a lucrative ‘Prizefighter’ event gets underway. The winner of three fights gets a £10,000 prize – and a shot at the world super-middleweight championship.

Smith will be walked to the ring for his next fight by Danbo Rambo and said: “It’s good for both of us.

“It’s something different for me and it’s exposure for Danbo.

“This show is being screened in five or six countries and millions of people could hear his music and maybe go on the net and watch the video as well.

“There’s a lot of attitude in the world of grime, but this video was a group of lads having a giggle and I really enjoyed it.

“You see me shadow boxing and then we’re driving along and pull up alongside someone.

“But we’re not asking them for a fight, we just want them to turn the music up because it’s such a good tune.”