VIDEO: Can you help give Ted a home?

When Ted was taken in by the RSPCA he was underweight and covered in burns from a radiator in the cupboard where his owners kept him.

The young American bulldog had been severely neglected and had to have his badly damaged tail amputated.

But thanks to the care of the charity’s staff and volunteers at the Leeds, Wakefield and Dewsbury branch, Ted is ready to be rehomed.

Gena Cameron, branch administrator, said: “He had obviously been physically or mentally abused as he was very frightened, particularly of men.

“He was such a sad sight. He would urinate when you went into his kennel and wouldn’t make eye contact. Initially the behaviourist was just going in and sitting with him.

“He’s come on such a long way since then.”

When Ted was brought into the branch last March he was unable to walk on a lead and also needed treatment for luxating patellas - a knee problem.

The charity has offered financial help with his medical condition for anyone wanting to rehome him.

They have advised Ted would be best suited to a home with no other pets and older children.

Mrs Cameron said: “He’s a wonderful dog who has had an awful start in life. We had hoped to get him into a new home by Christmas but unfortunately he is still with us. There must be someone out there who can give him the fresh starts he so desperately needs and deserves.”

To offer Ted a home, call the RSPCA adoption line on 07743 773871.