Value of wages falling-‘Hardworking people are falling further and further behind’ says MP

A survey has claimed people in West Yorkshire have seen huge falls in the value of their earnings during the past seven years.

Wakefield was third on the list of Yorkshire local authorit y regions where workers saw the biggest fall in the value of their wages since the financial crash of 2008.

The survey, commissioned by the GMB union, claims the value of average wages in Wakefield dropped 19 per cent – higher than the 14.9 per cent figure for Yorkshire and Humber as a whole.

Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford MP Yvette Cooper said: “These figures show how hard working people in our area are being hit as a result of the government’s economic policy.

“They prove how out of touch Tory Ministers are when they say everyone is better off. “So many families round here are working hard but falling further and further behind. “We’re losing high skilled jobs at Kellingley or Ferrybridge but only getting low paid and agency work in their place.

“We urgently need a proper plan for high quality jobs and apprenticeships in the north.”

During the seven-year period, Wakefield was overtaken by Bradford in how much its workers earn on average.

Meanwhile, people in Kirklees saw a 16.2 percent drop in the value of their earnings.

GMB general secretary elect Tim Roche said: “While we have seen a growth in the number of workers as the population has grown average pay has simply not kept pace with inflation.

“Since 2008 the cumulative inflation has been 20.6 per cent. This has had a deflationary impact on the region and has also impacted on the tax take by the Chancellor to pay for essential public services.”

The survey showed average wages have actually risen since 2008 but the wage rise could not keep up with the dwindling value of the pound.

In Wakefield alone, average earnings have technically risen from £26,838 to £27,253.

It also showed that the biggest fall in Yorkshire was in York, which saw a real terms drop of 22.3 per cent.

Figures for yorkshrie and Humberside

- York -22.3 per cent

- Sheffield -21 per cent

- Wakefield -19 per cent

- Doncaster -19 per cent

- Calderdale -16.9 per cent

- Kirklees -16.2 per cent

- Leeds -15.3 per cent

- Rotherham -14 per cent

- Hull -13.7 per cent

- Bradford -10.2 per cent