Upton is an easy touch

It is an accepted fact that the village of Upton is always an easy touch for getting unpopular planning decisions through.

Remember the fight against open cast mining, the waste disposal plan on Johnny Brown’s Common, the recent loss of medical facilities, and diminishing bus services?

Now, a planning application has been submitted for a piggery to be positioned in the Beacon area which would house 1,500 pigs. The smell, noise and increased volume of heavy traffic associated with this would be an absolute blight on our village.

As usual, the general public are unaware of this proposal, and the plan will probably go through on a nod and a wink. I would like this letter to be published if for no other reason than to give us all a chance to voice our concern and objections before it is too late.

I am aware that to their credit, some of our Parish councillors have attended a meeting, along with district Coun Molloy to express concern. I hope that the rest of our councillors, Parish and District, will get involved to stop this application being approved.

Perhaps our MP will also take this as an invite to get involved.

D Crossley

Tower Avenue