UPDATED: A level results from across the district

Students celebrating their results. Picture from 2015
Students celebrating their results. Picture from 2015

Students across the district are receiving their A level results today.

We’ll be publishing them all on our website as they come in - so keep checking for your school.

Congratulations to everyone!

Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy

A-level results: M Ainley health and soc c, sociol, eng lang; J Atherton geog, med studs, eng lang; J Barker sociol, eng lang; N Bland photy, med studs, eng lang; M Bowering apld busi; L Bradley apld sci, eng lang; C Brennan art and des*, eng lang; J Burke art and des; G Burn art and des, eng lit, prod des; J Bush biol**, chem**, maths*; L Byrom eng lang; J Carrier chem, maths*, prod des, phys; J Copes frth maths, maths; C Cotterill sociol, psychol; R Curtis biol, chem, law; B Dickens apld sci; M Evans biol*, chem*, maths*; N Evans eng lit, hist, rel studs; C Flynn maths, apld busi; G Green apld busi, eng lang; C Gunthorpe apld sci; L Hall art and des**, law*, eng lang**; R Haywood apld busi; M Heritage apld busi; A Hodgson photy; C Holloway sociol, eng lang; A Holt frth maths, maths, phys; O Hopes law, apld busi; J Horbury apld busi; E Hughes biol, chem, phys; E Hutton art and des*, eng lang;

Ibbitson biol, chem, phys; T Johnson med studs, dram and theat studs, eng lang; Z Jordan hist, prod des, social; C Langton med studs, apld busi, eng lang; E Laws mus, mus tech, psychol; J Manley biol, rel studs, psychol; B Middleton sociol, eng lang, psychol; D Milnes eng lit, eng lang; T Morrell med studs, dram and theat studs, eng lang; M Nicholson frth maths**, maths**, phys*; J Nixon biol, chem, maths; L Norbury apld busi; L Pickering sociol, apld busi eng lang; L Reid law, sociol, eng lang; A Sixsmith maths, eng lang, psychol; C Smallman apld busi, eng lang; J Taberner sociol, eng lang; J Thomas art and des, prod des; J Wassell biol, chem, span; L Watson frth maths, maths; R Wheatman eng lang; L Whing maths; J Wilde rel studs, sociol, eng lang*; S Wilkinson biol, maths, hist, rel studs; E Williams biol, chem, law; E Young biol, chem, maths; F Zaszlos eng lit, hist, law;

BTEC results: Alderson G busi bt; Armstrong Rush L busi bt, IT bt; Asquith B busi bt, IT bt; Beckett T sports bt; Biskup J busi bt; Bowering M sports bt; Bradley L busi bt; Brennan C busi bt; Burke J IT bt; Corcoran P health and soc bt*; Coy E busi bt, IT bt; Dickens B Forensic Sci bt; Egerton J busi bt*, IT bt*; Gunthorpe C health and soc bt; Haywood R sports bt; Heritage M sports bt; Hodgson A busi bt*; Horbury J sports bt; Hutton E busi bt*; Jackson A busi bt*, IT bt; Jordan D sports bt; Lees L health and soc bt; Leeson Z busi bt*, IT bt; Middleton J busi bt; Needham L Childcare bt, health and soc bt*, IT bt; Norbury L sports bt*; Richardson K busi bt, IT bt; Scarrott N sports bt*; Sixsmith A busi bt*; Smith B sports bt*; Taberner J sports bt; Taylor J sports bt; Thomas J IT bt; Watson L busi bt; Wheatman R busi bt; Whing L busi bt*; Young E busi bt;

Ackworth School

H Atkin econ, geog*, hist; A Austin art*, econ*, gen studs, maths; W Bedford busi studs, geog, hist; H Byfield art*, maths, phys; Y Chan chin, econ, maths, psychol; L Chen biol, busi studs, chin, maths**; Y Chen biol, chem, chin, maths**; V Dam biol, chem; S Dyke busi studs, des tech; F Herzog busi studs, eng lit, germ*; A Hyde eng lit**, gen studs*, mus*, rel studs*; Z Jefferies eng lit, pe, psychol; H Ji chin, frth maths, maths*; V Kakhoidze chem, maths*, phys, russ*; B Kaur econ*, eng lit, gen studs, hist*; O Korolchuk busi studs, psychol, rel studs, russ*; K Krieger busi studs, germ**, maths, psychol; J Kutakova art*, psychol, rel studs, russ**; C Y Lam busi studs, chin, maths; M Lazovic hist, psychol, rel studs; M Lewis fren**, hist**, span*; D Li art, chin*, econ; X Li art, chin; K Maksimovic busi studs*, maths, psychol; A Maree busi studs, pe; T Milnes des tech, gen studs, hist*, rel studs; M Rozman busi studs, econ, maths, russ*; A Semenova art, maths**, russ*; S Semenova art, russ**; D Smith econ, eng lit, gen studs, hist*; J Stauffer-Greenwood busi studs, gen studs, germ*, maths; K Stefanova germ*, maths**, psychol; A Trubetskoi busi studs, des tech, econ, russ**; N Wild frth maths, gen studs, maths, phys; L Worsley art, busi studs, geog; Z Yi chin, maths;

Minsthorpe Community College

C Appleton biol, chem, exproqual, mus bt**; R Brough sports bt**; J Burton eng lang, pe; M Clamp eng lit*, apld perform arts, mus bt**; H Cook biol, chem, eng lang and lit; B Dickens apld sci bt*; T Dixon sports bt; C Dodd biol, hist, prod des; A Dwyer eng lang, IT bt, sports bt**; M Dyson art and des*, eng lang, prod des; M Elvidge maths, econ; R Granter eng lang and lit, apld busi, IT bt**; K Hammond hist, eng lang and lit; K Hargreaves eng lang, publ ser**, health and soc bt; J Harnell apld perform arts, photy**, apld sci bt**; A Hawkins chld dev**; T Hayward biol, chem; K Head sports bt; E Henfrey eng lang, sociol, apld sci bt**; J Heppinstall chld dev; J Hollins biol, chem, phys; B Lawton hist, eng lit, eng lang; R Linley art and des, eng lang and lit*; M Lis biol, phys, prod des, exproqual; E Massey art and des, photy, IT bt**; H McDermott biol**, chem, maths; E Miller IT bt; K Miller IT bt; R Mills geog, apld busi, apld sci bt*; C Morris sports bt; J Morris-Heeley prod des, apld sci bt; L Needham chld dev; P Noppawong maths, eng lang, apld sci bt**; D North prod des, IT bt, sports bt**; G Paraskeva eng lang*, psychol, sociol ; E Parry eng lang, psychol, sociol; E Patton chld dev; C Pilbeam biol, maths, psychol; R Prescott-Jackson sports bt; D Priestley chem, phys, maths*; B Ramsbottom phys, maths*, eng lang*; J Reed eng lang*, psychol, apld perform arts; T Smith phys, econ; T Stevens hist, eng lit*, eng lang; L Stevenson; A Vaquero geog, eng lang, psychol; C Walker art and des, photy, IT bt*; A Weaver hist, eng lit*, apld perform arts; J Wileman geog eng lang*; G Wilson chld dev; C Woodward sports bt; A Yates apld perform arts, photy

New College, Pontefract

K Addy eng lang and lit, perf arts, sociol; S Addy law**, psychol, rel studs; C Adey maths, pe*, span; A Ahmed rel studs; MA Ali film, psychol, sociol; MH Ali law, maths, photy; R Allatt busi studs, pe; J Almond busi studs, pe, uom; N Amps busi studs, geog, law; L Anderson mus; L Anthony econ, hist, law; S Aranyi eng lang and lit*, rel studs, sociol; L Arden geog, photy, sociol; L Armitage hist, rel studs, sociol; A Armstrong-Davies film, photy, textiles; B Arnold busi studs, law, uom; P Arrowsmith chem, maths, photy; C Arthurs biol, chem*, eng lit; A Ashby biol**, chem*, maths*; T Ashley eng lang and lit, geog, psychol; J Ashton chem*, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; H Asquith photy; S Auty chem*, maths*, phys; L Auty eng lit, hist, med studs; E Bacon busi studs, geog, psychol; C Bailey eng lit, rel studs*, sociol*; CR Bailey eng lang and lit, hist, sociol; K Bairstow eng lit, hist, textiles; C Baker art*, health and soc c, psychol; J Baker biol, geog*, psychol*; A Baker dram and theat studs, law, psychol; E Baker eng lang and lit, health and soc c, photy; O Barber eng lang and lit, med studs, sociol; M Barker eng lang and lit, psychol, sociol; B Barker photy, textiles; J Barraclough busi studs*, hist, pe*; G Barter art, eng lit, film; G Bason busi studs, eng lang and lit, hist; A Bawn geog, gov and polits; S Bayliss biol, hist, maths; B Bayliss busi studs, ict, uom; J Beachill biol, pe, psychol; G Beaman busi studs, pe, psychol; M Beardsley busi studs, law, psychol; P Beardsley chem, geog, maths; L Beckett busi studs, pe, psychol; C Beckwith econ, ict, maths; G Bedford hist, law, sociol; L Bennett art, law, sociol; T Bennett chem*, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; H Benson-Collinson sociol; P Bessell art**, eng lit*, film*, hist; E Betteridge perf arts; C Biggs med studs, photy, psychol; B Binns biol*, geog, hist; A Binzi eng lit, health and soc c, hist; L Birch psychol, sociol; E Bird eng lit, med studs, sociol; J Birkbeck hist, ict, med studs; S Bishop biol, geol, ict; K Blackburn account, health and soc c*, maths; H Blackburn eng lit, hist, law, sociol; L Blackwell chem, eng lang and lit*, psychol**; S Blanchard eng lang and lit; A Bloomer perf arts**; R Boden eng lit*, hist, rel studs*; T Booth busi studs, pe, uom; P Booth eng lit, sociol; O Booth film, psychol*, rel studs; J Bourke geog, geol, hist; H Bowcock law*, psychol*, sociol*; C Box biol, health and soc c*, psychol; J Boyes hist, law*, sociol; Z Boyes law, pe; E Bradley biol, gov and polits, law*; F Bramley-Blackburn textiles; L Brammer biol, chem, eng lang and lit; C Briggs eng lit*, maths*, psychol**, rel studs**; S Britton art*, hist, textiles; H Broadhead biol*, chem*, maths*; R Brocklehurst mus; K Brook law, psychol, sociol; J Brooke account, busi studs*, econ*; P Brookes biol, health and soc c, pe; L Brooks eng lang and lit, law, sociol; E Brown eng lang and lit, film, law; B Brown frth maths, maths*, phys; Gg Brown art, photy; Gm Brown eng lit, med studs, rel studs; N Brown pe, photy; T Buckingham econ, pe, textiles; B Bucknall busi studs, pe, psychol; S Bucktrout law*, photy, psychol**; O Budd busi studs, hist, maths; G Bugg biol, chem, geog*; L Burgin hist, law**, psychol*; D Burkinshaw eng lang and lit, film, gov and polits; N Burnett eng lang and lit, law*, psychol; S Burrows account, busi studs; N Butler-Walton dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, psychol; S Butt account, busi studs*, hist; K Butt health and soc c, photy, textiles; J Buttle dram and theat studs, geog, perf arts; M Campbell hist, psychol, sociol; D Cardall busi studs, pe, uom; J Carley photy; F Carretta eng lang and lit, rel studs, sociol; S Carretta eng lang and lit, rel studs, sociol; M Carter eng lit, med studs; E Cartwright health and soc c, sociol; N Casey eng lang and lit, psychol**, textiles; L Castle eng lang and lit, hist, sociol; J Cawthorn ict, psychol*; B Chapman eng lang and lit, hist; J Clare busi studs, eng lang and lit, med studs; K Clark biol, pe, psychol*; T Clark chem**, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; R Clark eng lit, hist, sociol; M Clarkson busi studs, ict, textiles; L Clarkson eng lit, med studs; A Clayton art, busi studs, med studs*; E Clubley busi studs, eng lit**, psychol**; E Coen eng lang and lit, sociol; A Coleman eng lang and lit, photy, sociol*; E Colley dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, sociol; C Comer biol, chem, photy; K Condon econ**, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; E Conyers eng lit, hist, sociol; W Cook biol, chem, maths; R Cook ict; H Cooke biol*, chem*, maths; L Cooper biol, maths, psychol*; J Cooper busi studs, law, pe; M Cooper eng lang and lit, health and soc c, photy; E Copeland biol*, geog, pe*; H Cordon econ, eng lit, span; B Cotter eng lit*, law**, maths**; E Crabb hist, psychol; B Craigs busi studs, hist, maths; H Crawford busi studs, econ**; J Crawshaw eng lit, sociol; S Cripps chem, maths, psychol*; J Crosby eng lit, geog; N Crossley biol, busi studs, health and soc c; L Crossley eng lit, law, psychol; H Crowden busi studs, econ; L Crowther busi studs, gov and polits, law; C Curtis-Caunt health and soc c, law, rel studs*; E Dakin biol, geog, psychol; K Davies mus; S Dewey-Nager pe, psychol; H Dewhirst eng lit, med studs, sociol**; E Dewin busi studs, eng lang and lit, sociol; C Dickson account, busi studs; B Dolby econ, frth maths, maths**; J Donaldson sociol; N Donnachie biol, chem, span*; J Dooler account*, busi studs, econ*; C Driver eng lit, law, sociol; J Dublin law, psychol, sociol; K Duffill biol*, chem*, maths*; A Dufton eng lang and lit, gov and polits, sociol; C Durrant photy; C Eardley art**, health and soc c*, pe*; D Easthope busi studs, hist, psychol; A Eastwood ict, pe; D Eaton eng lit, law, psychol; J Edginton chem, pe, psychol; D Egan hist; H Elliott uom; D Ellis eng lang and lit; W Ellwood-Tiffany med studs, psychol, sociol; J Emmett hist, rel studs, sociol*; E Engstrom art, perf arts; C Ennis health and soc c*, psychol*, sociol; L Enright health and soc c, sociol, span; B Evans art, perf arts, photy; W Evans geog, law, med studs; L Exelby health and soc c*; S Exley perf arts; F Exley-Mctaggart biol, geol, maths; H Facer film, health and soc c, rel studs; C Faulkner health and soc c, photy, psychol; E Fearnley art, biol, chem; C Fearnley econ, maths, pe*; R Felicio chem, maths, phys; B Fenton eng lang and lit, hist, med studs; C Ferguson biol, chem, hist; H Field biol, chem, geol; C Finney biol**, chem*, maths**; H Firth busi studs, pe; J Fish biol, chem, dram and theat studs; S Flanagan psychol; J Fleming chem**, frth maths*, maths**, phys**; S Foley-Hall eng lang and lit, perf arts, sociol; H Ford pe, psychol; C Fountain biol, chem, psychol; J Fowler busi studs, span; L Fox geog, geol; C Frampton health and soc c, law, psychol; D Fretwell art; H Frid hist, law*, psychol*; H Frogson chem, eng lit*, hist; A Fullerton-Smith law, mus, photy*; B Gabbitas dram and theat studs; E Gale eng lit, psychol, sociol*; R Gee psychol, rel studs, sociol; A Gelder busi studs*, eng lang and lit, fren; A Geraghty busi studs, ict, maths; E Gibson health and soc c*, hist, psychol; B Giles biol, geog, geol; A Gill art**, biol**, chem; K Gill geol, photy**, rel studs*; M Glover biol**, chem*, maths*, photy**; I Gomery eng lang and lit, health and soc c*; B Goodall art; C Gough health and soc c, perf arts, sociol; S Gould account*, busi studs; M Grace geol, phys; G Graham eng lang and lit; R Grayson biol**, chem**, maths**; K Green biol, health and soc c*, psychol*; W Green hist, ict, photy*; B Green psychol; M Griffiths eng lang and lit*, law, psychol*; A Haggar eng lit, perf arts, photy; C Haigh biol, geog, psychol*; M Hale biol*, psychol*, span*; S Hale chem, maths, phys; R C Hall health and soc c*, psychol, sociol; R E Hall busi studs, film, law; L Hallam econ, law, maths; B Hancocks ict, psychol, textiles*; G Hand eng lang and lit, law, psychol; L Hardwick busi studs, photy**, sociol; J Hargreaves biol, chem, pe; J Harkin biol, eng lang and lit, pe*; M Harling ict, med studs, perf arts; G Harper eng lit*, hist, law*; S Harrison health and soc c, law, med studs; R Harrison health and soc c, pe; C Harvey hist, psychol, rel studs; G Harvey law, photy, sociol; E Hatfield art, eng lang and lit, rel studs; L Heathcote biol, eng lit, hist; J Hemingway hist, law, psychol; R Henderson biol, chem, psychol; C Hepworth busi studs, health and soc c, law; B Hepworth photy, phys; G Hetherington pe; S Hewitt art*, photy, psychol; Sm Hewitt eng lang and lit, med studs, perf arts; J Hickling busi studs, chem, ict; A Higgins busi studs, hist, pe; S Higgins busi studs, hist, psychol*; B Higgins busi studs, rel studs, sociol; A Hill ict; C Hill busi studs, econ, uom; P Hill sociol; R Hill hist, law**, psychol*; RJ Hill eng lang and lit, hist, psychol; E Hipkiss eng lang and lit*, law*, psychol**; J Hobson biol, chem, maths; E Hodges law**, psychol**, sociol*; L Hodgkinson art, med studs, photy; J Hogan eng lit, law**, sociol*; A Hollis biol, psychol, sociol; N Holmes biol, chem, maths; D Holmes busi studs, law, psychol; O Holmes ict, pe, psychol; D Holondo health and soc c, rel studs, sociol; K Holroyd biol, chem, span; D Holt eng lit, hist; B Hood geog, pe, psychol; J Hopkinson account*, econ*, maths; R Horsfield eng lang and lit, psychol*, sociol*; T Horsley med studs, photy; C Horton account*, busi studs, ict; T Hough eng lang and lit, phys; A Howard busi studs; L Hudson dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit*, hist; C Hughes busi studs, econ, psychol*; CD Hughes biol, pe, psychol; C Hughes-Cheshire chem, maths, phys; D Hunt eng lang and lit, film, med studs; C Hunter film, psychol, sociol; O Hurdiss eng lit, photy, textiles; C Hutchinson ict, pe; CL Hutchinson eng lit, law**, psychol*; H Inger med studs, sociol; O Ismaiel film, med studs, rel studs*; J Iveson eng lang and lit, perf arts**, psychol*; El Jackson eng lang and lit*, hist, sociol*; Em Jackson art, eng lit, med studs; S Jackson dram and theat studs, med studs; D James eng lit, health and soc c*; K Jarman account, art*, textiles; M Jarvis eng lang and lit; J Javed account*, busi studs, law*; C Jeal art; L Jenkins art, photy; G Johal law, psychol, sociol;

D Johnson account, busi studs, econ; S Johnson account, econ, hist; R Johnson busi studs*, eng lang and lit*, textiles**; E Johnson busi studs, pe; L Johnson eng lang and lit, law, sociol; J Johnson geog, pe; K Jones art, photy, psychol*; S Jones art, photy*, textiles; L Jones biol, chem, psychol; E Jones pe; R Jones pe; J Jowitt busi studs**, econ; A Kamara pe, psychol; L Keedy health and soc c, perf arts; E Kellett eng lit*, psychol, rel studs; C Kelso biol, chem, psychol; A Kennedy maths, med studs, phys; S Kettlewell geog, textiles; Y Khalique busi studs, chem, uom; Am Khan biol, chem, pe*; Aw Khan hist, sociol; R Kincaid dram and theat studs, mus; R King eng lang and lit, film, med studs; C Kingston art, eng lit, hist; J Kitchen biol, chem, phys; G Kitson maths*, phys*, psychol; M Knights econ**, hist, maths; O Kobli-Nash health and soc c*, psychol*, sociol*; P Kukowska art*, biol**, psychol*; B Kynaston hist, psychol, sociol; E Lamb biol*, chem*, eng lang and lit*; C Lambourne geog, geol, law; M Langdon econ, gov and polits, rel studs; C Larkin hist*, maths, psychol*; G Lavery busi studs, maths, span; T Lawton eng lit, hist, maths; C Lazenby rel studs, sociol*; D Leech art, photy; A Leith photy, psychol, sociol; B Leung busi studs, maths*, phys; R Lightfoot art**, maths, phys; S Lin account*, busi studs, frth maths, maths**; S Lindsay chem, geol, maths; J Litchfield pe, psychol*; R Littler busi studs, eng lang and lit; R Liu art, chem, hist; E Lloyd biol, chem, psychol*; P Lloyd perf arts**; M Lockwood art, hist, textiles, uom; A Lofthouse chem*, frth maths*, maths**, phys; J Logan biol, busi studs, psychol*; A Long eng lang and lit, pe*, sociol; C Longley busi studs, econ*, pe*; K Loveday eng lang and lit, hist, med studs; D Makepeace hist, med studs; C Malanczak art, dram and theat studs, med studs; S Malik biol, busi studs, chem; W Malik busi studs, law*, photy; W Mampe eng lang and lit, maths, psychol**; T Mansfield photy; K Marchant eng lang and lit, health and soc c*; A Marchant hist, rel studs*, sociol*; M Matthewman health and soc c*, pe; M McAndrews art*, eng lit, psychol; J McAuley busi studs, psychol, sociol; L McCarten econ*, eng lit, maths; C McClelland photy; J McDermott mus; E McEvoy psychol, sociol, textiles; C McGregor account, busi studs, ict; J McGuigan geog, law, sociol; C McMahon eng lang and lit; B McManus account, busi studs, perf arts; J Mellor chem, maths, phys; E Mervyn eng lit*, geol, law; H Metcalf busi studs, eng lit, psychol; H Midwood med studs, photy; R Millett biol**, chem*, maths*; G Mills fren*, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; C Milner busi studs, law, psychol; B Moffat eng lit; B Mohanakumar account, fren; J Molloy eng lit, hist*, ict, law**; J Moon eng lit, psychol, sociol; N Moore biol, geog*, maths; K Moran biol, chem, maths; A Morawski geog**, gov and polits*, span*; C Morgan account, econ, ict; S Morgan biol**, chem*, maths*; E Morley account, busi studs, ict; J Morton econ, ict, uom; K Mumba maths, pe, phys; L Musther frth maths, mus, maths*, psychol*; M Nabahin biol*, chem*, maths*; E Nash eng lit, sociol; E Nathan eng lit, fren, hist; L Naylor account, busi studs, maths; E Neale fren*, rel studs; G Needham dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, sociol; S Nelson eng lang and lit, geog, perf arts; F Newcombe eng lang and lit, hist, law; A Nicoll biol**, chem**, frth maths**, maths**; D Noble biol**, geol**, maths*, phys; C Noble busi studs, photy; B O’Brien eng lang and lit, hist, sociol; N Okach chem, psychol; T Oldroyd busi studs, med studs; E O’Malley eng lit, med studs, pe; M Owen biol, chem, psychol**; C Owen law, sociol; I Owens busi studs, geog, psychol; K Pallister dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit*, film; A Parker art*, eng lit*, textiles*; E Parker eng lit, sociol, textiles*; L Parkhurst busi studs, law, pe; M Parkin eng lit, psychol*, sociol*; R Parkinson eng lang and lit, hist, med studs; P Parrish health and soc c, law, psychol; C Patrick eng lang and lit, psychol, sociol; D Paul biol, chem, ict; L Pearson photy, textiles; I Peniston eng lit, hist, photy; S Peters biol, chem, health and soc c*; S Pickles eng lang and lit*, hist, med studs; R Pilling biol, geog, pe; M Place busi studs*, law*, maths; B Poching dram and theat studs, film*, med studs; B Pollington biol*, chem*, law**; A Pombal eng lang and lit; L Pratt hist, psychol, sociol; D Prentice art*, photy, sociol; T Preston law, pe, psychol; C Priestley account*, busi studs; A Prihodjko chem, psychol; G Pritchard eng lit*, gov and polits, psychol*; C Proctor econ, gov and polits, sociol*; N Prout dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit*, film*; W Pytel psychol, rel studs, sociol; B Raby biol*, chem, hist; W Redmond biol, chem, pe; L Reeson biol, chem*, maths*; M Render art, busi studs, health and soc c; MM Render eng lit, psychol, rel studs; M Revis-Pass hist; R Rhodes photy, psychol*, sociol; RM Rhodes account*, busi studs, maths; E Ribchester biol**, chem**, maths**; T Richardson account, busi studs, hist; L Richardson busi studs; E Richmond account, art; E Ridge photy, textiles;

C Riley photy; K Roberts gov and polits, maths*, phys; E Robertson busi studs, maths, phys; H Robinson law**, psychol, sociol; C Robson biol, chem, psychol; L Rooke psychol, textiles; J Rose health and soc c, hist, sociol; R Rosen ict, maths, phys; B Rush busi studs, eng lit, perf arts; S Sajad dram and theat studs, eng lit; C Sanderson pe, perf arts, psychol; S Sandford law*, sociol; N Sawyer biol, chem, maths; J Sayer biol, psychol; J Sayers biol, chem, maths; G Scaife busi studs*, eng lang and lit, photy; A Scarrott psychol, sociol, textiles; L Schofield account, ict, uom; B Schofield maths; A Scholes eng lang and lit, hist, sociol*; R Screeton eng lang and lit**, med studs, sociol*; G Searles dram and theat studs, geog, law; S Seedhouse dram and theat studs, med studs, photy; A Shah eng lang and lit, rel studs; S Shaheen econ, eng lit*, law; H Shakil account*, busi studs; D Shaw hist, law; T Sheard med studs; D Sheehan pe; M Sheldon eng lang and lit, hist, sociol; S Sherry law*, psychol*, sociol; R Shotton art, maths, psychol; M Simmonds eng lit, hist, psychol; J Simpkins chem, geol, psychol; B Simpson busi studs, maths; C Simpson eng lit, law**, sociol*; L Slack eng lit*, geog**, hist**; J Slack psychol, sociol, textiles; R Slater eng lit*, maths, psychol*; E Smales pe, psychol*, sociol; H Smart med studs; A Smith eng lang and lit, geog, health and soc c; C Smith law, perf arts, psychol; El Smith account; Em Smith law, psychol; G Smith law, perf arts, psychol; H Smith pe; I Smith law, med studs, psychol; J Smith dram and theat studs, eng lit, hist, med studs; M Smith biol, law, pe; S Smith health and soc c, perf arts, psychol; K Soper eng lang and lit, psychol*, sociol*; J Spark busi studs, pe; O Spears art, eng lang and lit, health and soc c; V Spiers art*, maths, psychol; B Stead photy; S Stennett busi studs, photy, psychol; L Stevenson biol*, chem, maths; E Stirling health and soc c, ict, law; K Stobbs biol, pe*, psychol; T Stogdale busi studs, eng lang and lit, sociol; C Straw eng lit*, geog*, geol; C Strevens law, psychol, sociol; L Stroud photy; D Stubbs hist, law, sociol; M Sugden art, photy, textiles; H Sugden biol, chem, mus; J Sumpter busi studs, hist, sociol*; C Sunderland busi studs; M Swain biol*, chem*, psychol**; T Talbot frth maths, maths**, phys; A Tankard biol**, chem**, maths*, phys*; A Tarry eng lit*, law; C Taylor health and soc c, law, photy; I Taylor art, photy; J Taylor health and soc c; L Taylor geog; M Taylor busi studs, chem; R Taylor eng lit, hist, psychol; Y Taylor busi studs, gov and polits, hist; C Thiede eng lang and lit, health and soc c, photy; J Thomas pe; L Thorne eng lang and lit, psychol, sociol; J Thresh eng lang and lit, health and soc c*, psychol*; G Tinker eng lang and lit, ict, photy; H Tinsley account, econ, psychol; J Todd biol, health and soc c, psychol; L Todd geog, geol, photy; M Toney eng lit, photy, psychol; H Toon eng lang and lit, law, photy; T Trainer-Thomas law, rel studs, sociol; D Tucker dram and theat studs, eng lit, hist; K Turner account*, hist, maths; J Turner maths, mus, phys; B Turnpenny geog, photy; K Twigg eng lit, health and soc c; S Tyson-Harling law**, psychol*, rel studs, sociol*; G Valdez biol*, chem**, maths*; L Waddington busi studs, geog, ict; P Wadge hist, psychol, sociol; M Wagstaff biol, psychol*, sociol*; A Walker biol, geog, pe; D Walker law**, pe*, psychol*; D Walsh eng lit, hist, psychol; E Walsh hist, maths*, phys; La Ward busi studs; Lu Ward busi studs, eng lang and lit; R Ward account, busi studs, law; M Ward biol, chem, psychol**; C Ward busi studs*, eng lit, psychol; H Wardle health and soc c*, law*, psychol; R Warner law, span*; E Waterton art**, hist, textiles*; E Watson art**, eng lang and lit, geog; H Watts biol, pe, uom; I Webster photy, psychol; J Welsh med studs, photy, sociol; C Welsh pe, psychol, sociol; E West biol*, chem*, hist; E Westerman health and soc c, photy; H Westmoreland biol**, chem, eng lang and lit*, hist*; S Westmoreland law, perf arts, psychol; D Whaling busi studs, med studs; I White art**, hist, textiles**; W White eng lang and lit; K White eng lit, hist; E White law, pe, psychol; J Whitfield account, econ, eng lang and lit; Z Whitfield eng lang and lit, perf arts**, psychol*; R Wiggins dram and theat studs, photy; A Wild eng lang and lit, med studs; K Wilkes account, chem, maths;A Wilkinson health and soc c, psychol, sociol; R Williams account, busi studs, eng lang and lit*; L Williams eng lit, photy, rel studs; H Williams health and soc c, law**, med studs; M Willis hist, sociol; Z Wilson chem, maths, phys; L Wilson eng lit; H Windeatt art, photy, textiles; H Winter law, psychol, sociol; L Winterburn gov and polits, hist, law; M Woliter busi studs, law, sociol; J Wood biol, geog, pe; L Wood busi studs, chem, phys; A Woodhall pe, psychol*, rel studs; D Woodhead busi studs, phys, uom*; M Woollin geog, ict, pe; B Wootton health and soc c, sociol; S Wressell eng lang and lit, psychol, sociol*; C Wykes busi studs, sociol; L Yates dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, photy*; B Yeadon eng lang and lit, geog, geol; B Yelland econ, rel studs, sociol*; A Zastepa law;

St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School

A level results: M Andrews Garth eng lang; S Angell gov and polits, hist, med studs; K Arkle biol, chem, maths; M Ball sociol, eng lang; R Banks social, biol; E Bazely Nisbett psychol, biol*, hist; E Bell eng lit**, crea writ* med studs; M Berry busi studs; S Blake eng lit**, hist*, maths; L Booth crea writ; E Boothroyd rel studs, eng lit,gov and polits, hist; T Box art and des**, hist, eng lit*; B Bradbury art and des; J Brain chem, phys; E Brewis eng lit, hist**, gov and polits; C Brookes biol, chem*, phys; H Buckle geog, hist, law; R Byrne psychol, biol, eng lang; C Campbell fren, span; J Carter hist, gov and polits, law; B Casey span; J Chan psychol*, biol, chem; D Clapham rel studs, gov and polits; J Clarke chem, maths**, frth maths; B Clarkson psychol, sociol, eng lit; J Clayton mus, phys, maths; M Clough psychol, sociol* pe; T Clough psychol, sociol, eng lang; O Cuthbert rel studs, chem, eng lang; M D’Arcy rel studs, eng lit, gov and polits; C Davy geog, biol, hist; C D’Cruz psychol, eng lang, eng lit; E Dodman sociol, des tech; J Doncaster crea writ, med studs; M Evans law, psychol, eng lit; M Fennell sociol, eng lang, crea writ; G Ferguson rel studs, des tech, eng lang; O Finnie busi studs, gov and polits, hist; L Finnigan psychol*, biol*, chem; A Firth art and des; T Firth psychol; O Flanagan psychol, biol; J Gallagher – Harrison fren, span; S Geldard geog, art and des, maths; J Gibb mus, biol, chem; B Gill biol, chem, pe; M K Gill busi studs, hist, ict; M Gill chem*, phys, maths; D Goddard biol, chem, maths; J Greaves biol, chem, maths; L Hampshire eng lang; L Hanks geog, chem, hist; S Hawcroft pyschol, biol, chem; A Haycock chem, phys, maths; B Heaslip rel studs, psychol, crea writ; R Heath psychol, eng lang, eng lit; A Hewitt chem, maths; C Hickman geog, rel studs*, hist; L Hodgkiss psychol, sociol, pe; N Hopton busi studs, biol, ict; D Howard chem*, phys*, maths*; A Howes chem, phys, maths; P Hoyle phys, pe, maths; M Hubbert theat studs; J Hughes biol*, chem*, span; L Hughes law, eng lang*, gov and polits; C Huntenburg chem, germ, hist; A Ingle geog, rel studs, eng lang; A Japitana biol, chem, theat studs; V Jinga psychol, biol, hist; A Jones psychol, biol, pe; F Kaye eng lang*, eng lit, hist; B Kelly crea writ, theat studs; R Kirsch rel studs, psychol, biol; F Klofczynski mus, phys, maths* frth maths; C Knowles crea writ, theat studs, hist; S Lau art and des**, chem, crea writ; E Law geog, psychol, biol; R Lazenby rel studs, busi studs; E Leake art and des, span, hist; P Lever maths; S Loftus psychol, eng lit, theat studs; R Madassery biol*, chem*, maths; C Madeley psychol, theat studs; C Marsh psychol, biol, eng lit; J Marsh eng lang, med studs; S McCullough fren*, germ*, eng lit**; S Moody busi studs, psychol, sociol; A Nithsdale psychol, biol, pe; L Norton biol, chem, maths*; K O’Donnell rel studs, biol, eng lit; T Owen span, hist; J Pepper econ, maths**, frth maths; J Plater chem**, phys**, maths**; K Proud psychol, pe, ict; B Ritchie rel studs, des tech, eng lit; N Robinson crea writ, theat studs, hist; E Rogers crea writ, theat studs; O Rowett geog, biol*, chem; O Rowley psychol, pe, eng lit; L Sanderson sociol, biol, chem; M Seaman hist; D Shackleton sociol; F Sherman maths, gov and polits, hist; A Siebielec biol, chem, maths; B Sinar geog; T Smillie busi studs, phys, maths; C Smith psychol, sociol*, biol; S Smith psychol, eng lang; A Sobczak biol, chem; K Splaine rel studs, busi studs, psychol; E Stanton fren, eng lit, maths; N Storey biol, chem, maths; K Sykes psychol, sociol, crea writ; B Taylor art and des, photy*,theat studs; L Taylor biol*, maths**, frth maths*; M Taylor psychol, biol, maths; J Thomas mus, theat studs; C Thompson psychol, sociol; G Thorpe geog, psychol*, fren; P Tierney sociol, biol; L Tillotson sociol, eng lit, hist; D Timmins psychol, biol, chem; M Tooley maths; J Turner biol*, chem*, maths; G Turner-Beach law, crea writ*, hist; C Uttley busi studs*, fren, maths*; J Varley theat studs; A Volante art and des, fren, span*, ital*; C Walker eng lang, hist; N Walton phys; L Watton busi studs, chem; J Webb biol, chem, eng lang; I Whittaker-Dakin eng lit, theat studs, hist; E Wilcock psychol, crea writ*, hist; S Wilkinson-

Pycock busi studs, econ, gov and polits; J Willis biol, chem, maths; C Wilson rel studs; A Wiltshire rel studs, span, eng lang; A Winfield biol, pe*, maths; K Zubair germ;

BTEC results: J Allen busi bt*, sports bt, IT bt*; M Andrews Garth IT bt**, law bt**; A Appleby IT bt**; N Badurek IT bt**, busi bt*; M Ball perform arts bt**; R Banks sports bt**; H Bennett busi bt*, apld sci bt; L Booth perform arts bt**, IT bt**; B Bradbury dance/pa bt**; J Brain IT bt**; L Brown sports bt*; A Bullen health and soc bt**; T Carder apld sci bt**, sports bt**; D Clapham law bt; M Clough law bt**; T Clough law bt**; D Coombs apld sci bt, IT bt*; R Dews IT bt*, busi bt; R Dixon sports bt**; E Dodman apld sci bt**; A Drury sports bt**, IT bt**; C East IT bt, sports bt; L Etherington health and soc bt*, apld sci bt; A Firth apld sci bt*; T Firth sports bt**; S Fraser apld sci bt**, IT bt*; J Gallagher-Harrison sports bt**; P Guiry apld sci bt*, IT bt*; C Haigh sports bt*; C Harper health and soc bt*, apld sci bt*; A Harrison health and soc bt*, apld sci bt; A Hetherington apld sci bt**, law bt**, sports bt**; L Hodgkiss apld sci bt*; B Hoyland busi bt; M Hubbert dance/pa bt**, perform arts bt*; F Ingle health and soc bt **, apld sci bt; E Johnson dance/pa bt*; B Kelly perform arts bt*; C Knowles perform arts bt**; R Lazenby dance/pa bt*; C Madeley dance/pa bt**; S Moody law bt**; C Neden law bt**, IT bt**, apld sci bt; H Newbound health and soc bt**; K Nuttall sports bt**; T Nyatsanza apld sci bt*, IT bt; T Owen sports bt**; J Pepper dance/pa bt**; L Poulter IT bt**, busi bt*; M Ralph sports bt*; N Randall health and soc bt, apld sci bt; D Richardson sports bt*; F Richardson health and soc bt; N Robinson apld sci bt*; E Rogers IT bt**; M Seaman IT bt**; C Shakleton apld sci bt*, IT bt**; D Shakleton busi bt*, apld sci bt**; B Sinar apld sci bt**; A Sobczak law bt**; M Speight health and soc bt**, apld sci bt; J Thomas dance/pa bt**, perform arts bt**; P Tierney law bt**; J Varley busi bt*; C Walker apld sci bt*, sports bt**; L Watton sports bt; C Wilson busi bt*; K Zubair apld sci bt**, health and soc bt;