Uni should be for all

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I would like to offer my view on tuition fees in response to Emily’s column (In My View, Express, September 29).

Although half of me thinks if you want a decent education at all in this country, you have to pay for it, and this is at all levels, not just HE.

If I were living at home with parents who would support me and I was 18 and wanted to go to uni the fees would not put me off.

However, this rules out a lot of people and means those from marginalised parts of the community miss out. I have just started my first year on a Social Work degree and have been told that next year there won’t be the bursary that enabled me to go.

I have a husband, a child to support and bills to pay. I have lived a bit and am from a working class background - this mirrors the majority of service users and it means I am less likely to judge, find it easier to relate and speak to service users.

The loss of the bursary means social work (and the wider range of degrees) will once again become something for only the middle classes. It’s such a shame and I already fret about what’s going to become of the profession!

Joanna Beal

Crown Yard

South Kirkby