‘Unfit’ council in chaos following resignations

h2994b036 The Lawson Hut (Badsworth Parish Council)
h2994b036 The Lawson Hut (Badsworth Parish Council)

A COUNCILLOR and the clerk of Badsworth Parish Council have resigned after branding it ‘dysfunctional’.

Councillor Zoran Novakovic has handed in his resignation after just 12 months on the council.

He stated in his letter - which has been published on the council’s website – that the council is ‘dysfunctional’ and that ‘it is not fit for purpose’.

He wrote: “Why do I believe this to be the case? Simply because as I understood it, a council and councillors roles are to represent the best wishes and best interests of its residents and I truly believe that this is not the case.

“I sincerely doubt the motivations of some of my fellow councillors after witnessing a year on the council myself.”

He described ‘hidden agendas’ and ‘cliques’ and accused some members of tactical voting.

Clare Baxter, who had been clerk to Badsworth Parish Council for the past eight years, also resigned this week.

She said: “I have handed in my notice as I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the people and the identity of the village and this is the reason I feel I am equipped to say that the environment at the parish council is as toxic and dysfunctional as I have ever seen it.

“I can no longer in good conscience say that I identify with what Badsworth Parish Council stands for.

Coun Amanda Grimbley, of Badsworth Parish Council, said members had not discussed the resignations fully and did not wish to comment at this stage.

There is now a vacancy on the council following Mr Novakovic’s resignation.

If no-one comes forward then Badsworth Parish Council will have to co-opt a councillor to ensure it retains its five councillor quota as set out in the Local Government Act.

Visit www.badsworthvillage.com for more information about how to apply for the position.