Top bands recruit music amp creator

Dave Gascoigne builds bespoke guitar amps and has made some for Artic Monkeys, Vaccines and other top bands.
Dave Gascoigne builds bespoke guitar amps and has made some for Artic Monkeys, Vaccines and other top bands.

A South Kirkby man has gone from repairing televisions to building music amplifiers for top bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and The Vaccines.

Dave Gascoigne, 54, of Stockingate, left school at 16 to work in an electrical shop and worked in the industry for 30 years before deciding to set up his own business, Rosewell Amps.

He now builds, repairs and services amplifiers and is currently creating one for Sheffield-band, Arctic Monkeys - the third he has built and designed for the group.

The band got in touch with Mr Gascoigne when they wanted all their amps servicing along with some equipment repairs just hours before they were due on stage in Nottingham in 2010.

Mr Gascoigne said: “I had made an amp so just thought I would leave one there for them to try.

“Luckily, I got a call from them saying they loved it and it was on its way to Los Angeles to be used when they recorded their new album.”

His amp was used on the band’s fourth album, “Suck It and See” released in 2011 and now he is working on a new amp for them.

The Vaccines, who were also on tour with the Arctic Monkeys, also tried the amp and decided they wanted one too.

Mr Gascoigne said: “I feel so proud. I never thought I would be working with bands like this. It’s incredible.”

He started up his own business from his garage and it has grown from there.

He said: “I have always had a love of music and I repaired the odd amp when I worked in the tv shop and then realised I wanted to go into that side of electronics more.

“I started up the business out of my garage in my spare time, just doing the odd one here and there.”

He took voluntary redundancy in 2011 to concentrate on his new business full time .

To gain more experience he took on freelance work with Hi Watt Amplifiers in Carcroft and through that helped create amps for The Killers, Foo Fighters and Coldplay.

He now repairs, services and creates custom made amps.

He said: “I wanted to be able to create amps that have that vintage sound that you don’t necessarily get with mass-produced ones.

“They just don’t have that 50s and 60s sound. The ones I build recapture the vintage tones of that era and that’s why mine are different to others on the market.”

It takes between seven and 14 days to build each amp, which can cost from £800 to £2,300.

Contact Mr Gascoigne on 01977 648413, email or visit for more information.