Time to treat us as well

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WHAT is Wakefield Council doing to our villages?

First South Elmsall had a carpet firm that we knew would go nowhere, as we already had at least three carpet and bed shops. Planning permission for Farmfoods to move to a bigger premises was refused and that caused them to move to Hemsworth. Farmfoods’ old shop remains empty as does the larger place they wanted to use. Now it’s our market.

All we ever hear is how wonderful Wakefield is developing. Is that the only concern of our caring council? Now we have a factory shop and having had a walk around that and hearing comments from other people they are not impressed. We want quality not quantity please.

Come on, let’s have a bit of fairness. We pay out rates and taxes the same as others. It’s time to treat us as well.

Mrs L Skelding

Common Road

South Kirkby