Tigers fan stages four-day protest outside bookies over ‘Super League winners’ payout

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A Castleford Tigers fan who staged a four-day protest outside a bookies after they refused to pay out on his beloved team winning the league has claimed a victory, thanks to the Express.

Tony Martin, from Glass Houghton, took his own chair and sat outside Betfred on The Square in Airedale with a placard between Friday and Monday, arguing the company owed him £140 winnings and his £10 stake.

Mr Martin, 50, put the money on Tigers to win the league back in February at 14/1.

The club went on to comfortably finish top and lift the League Leaders’ Shield.

But Betfred claimed there was a discrepancy in the bet, that ‘winning the Super League’ meant winning the Grand Final match , which of course, Tigers lost to Leeds Rhinos.

But season-ticket holder Mr Martin remained adamant that they were two separate bets.

It was not until the Express contacted Betfred on Monday did they agree to the pay out as a good-will gesture, although they remain adamant it was for winning the Grand Final.

Mr Martin said: “I thank the Express who strongly influenced their decision to pay out.

“I can’t fault the staff in the shop, they tried to resolve it for me, it was higher up the chain.”

The father-of-four spent hours each day outside the shop, and at one point on Saturday the police were even called.

“The area manager said I was causing a public nuisance, and the police turned up thinking there was going to be nine or ten people shouting outside, and it was just me sat there,” said the house husband.

“It was a peaceful protest so they said they couldn’t do anything.

“I would not have a problem but it clearly states Super League winners, if I’d put Grand Final winners the bet would have been chucked away and that would have been the end of it.

“Any Rugby League fan who I’ve spoken to knows the bet should have been paid up.”