Thorpe Audlin residents showing door to cold callers

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People living in Thorpe Audlin will be showing cold callers the door as part of a new initative.

A ‘cold calling control zone’ has been set up on the village’s Thorpe Gate estate by West Yorkshire Trading Standards and Thorpe Audlin Parish Council.

Coun Anthony Smith, who helped set up the scheme, said: “I fully support the establishment of Cold Calling Control Zones.

“They are a simple way in which we can support the vulnerable residents of Thorpe Audlin and protect them from individuals who see them as a soft target for pushy sales tactics.

“If this zone only helps one individual to avoid becoming an unwilling victim it will be worthwhile, and I am certain it will help many.”

Similar schemes have been launched in Pontefract, Ackworth and the Holderness Road area of Knottingley.

‘No Cold Calling’ zone stickers and signs have been placed around the village.

Sgt Albert Yeoman, of the South East neighbourhood policing team, said: “Elderly and vulnerable residents often fear answering the door to strangers.

“We are pleased to work with our partners to assist in launching this No Cold Calling Control Zone.

“It gives reassurance to the community of Thorpe Audlin who now have a legal standing to prevent and report any breaches.”

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