This is why a tractor on the railway line is causing MASSIVE disruption for Wakefield commuters

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A tractor blocked the railway line at a Wakefield station, causing mayhem for morning commuters coming in and out of Wakefield, could last up to TEN hours.

The issue was first reported as a tractor blocking the line at Fitzwilliam station in Wakefield on Wednesday evening and continued to cause disruption through the night.

Services between Sheffield and Leeds via Moorthorpe and Wakefield Westgate as well as services between Doncaster and Leeds are being disrupted.

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Advice to customers says that tickets will be accepted on the cross country service between Sheffield and Leeds and LNER services between Doncaster and Leeds.

Now, Northern are advising railway passengers that the disruption could last a whopping TEN hours, with delays expected until at least 4.15pm today.

Northern For live updates, passengers are advised to visit

e have asked Northern for more information on the blocked line, and will bring it you as soon as we have it.