Thieves hit portable diner for the second time in five months

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A cafe owner says she is determined to carry on with her business after being burgled for the second time in five months.

Jennifer Winter runs Food 4 Thought, a portable cabin diner on the Doncaster Road, east of Upton, which was broken into last Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

The thieves kicked the door in before taking off with two Coca-Cola drink fridges full of cans of pop and chocolate, a Yorkshire Air Ambulance collection tin full of coins and almost 20 bottles of ketchup and brown sauce.

And despite it being just months since the last break in, and the seventh in the 13 years she has run the road-side eaterie, she refuses to throw in the towel.

The 67-year-old said: “It’s devastating, but they didn’t trash the place like last time when it took four days to clean up.

“You feel violated when it happens, and I keep asking myself ‘why us?’.

“Because we’re so isolated near the A1 and not in a residential area we can’t get insurance, so we have to pay every time it happens.

“I’ve been here 13 years but I won’t quit easily.

“I’ve been a chef for 50 years and I love it here, even though this happens.”

Mrs Winters is hoping that the two bright-red four-feet-high Coca-Cola fridges are so distinctive that they could be traced.

She added: “They were full so it must have taken a few of them to lift them, somebody might know what happened to them.”

Anyone with informationshould contact police on 101.