There was no ‘miscount’

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My name is Tracey Walker, I was elected to South Elmsall Town Council at the recent ballot. I would like to say that I understand the concerns over the mistake made by WMDC, with regards to them posting an incorrect listing on their website.

Had I not understood the information given on the webpage, I too could have believed I had been unsuccessful in my bid to become a local councillor, thankfully I could read the information given correctly.

I saw the webpage in question both in the morning before the count was made and also the update when the count had been finished. The page shows that in the morning there were no votes counted and the list was still in alphabetical order, waiting to have the numbers inputted to order the list correctly, which is why my name being the last alphabetically was listed as not elected. The page then shows in the afternoon (after the count) that I received 562 votes equal to Eric Tunstall (whose name appears above mine as the alphabet dictates).

This is clearly just the way the computer was programmed to show the top 13 as elected. There was no miscount as stated by Michael Poole, Jayne Poole, Anthony Wootton, Lisa Wootton and Emma Wootton in your letters page.

Rev Sullivan had the opportunity along with the rest of the nominees to attend the vote, if he had indeed attended he would not have thought he was elected in the morning, as he would have known that at the vote count was not even started until 2.30pm.

Tracey Walker

Centre Street

South Elmsall