The air is free for all

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With reference to ‘In My View’, Express, July 21, I am in my 80s and have smoked since I was 18 years old.

I remember when pubs had a smoking room and much regret when smoking was stopped in pubs and clubs.

I think it has caused many of the closures of these places along with the rise in prices of alcohol. I do not go out now being unable to walk very far but if a relative takes me out for a meal etc. by car I do enjoy a smoke after a meal so even though I have to sit outside I still enjoy my smoke.

When I visit their houses if they are non smokers I go outside or if they visit me I still go out so that my smoke does not cause a problem.

I cannot believe that anyone seriously suggest that we may not be allowed to smoke in the street, the air is free and belongs to all. This country has some of the most stupid laws in the modern world. I could go on but I won’t.

W Holden

Hood Street

South Elmsall