Teens made to pay for damage


THREE teenagers who smashed a church window have been made to pay for the damage - with their pocket money.

The boys, who are from the Hemsworth and South Elmsall area, damaged the window at St Helen’s Church, Sandal, in November last year. They were caught after an investigation by the South Kirkby neighbourhood police team (NPT).

Officers spoke to the boys’ parents and agreed the teenagers should pay for the repairs instead of being arrested as it was the first offence for all three.

The teenagers saved up their pocket money for a year and handed it straight to police officers.

The NPT recently presented Rev Rupert Martin, from St Helen’s Church, with £78.74 to cover the cost of the window.

Insp Jackie Turton, from the NPT, said: “This was a first offence for these youths and rather than criminalising their actions, they have been made to face up to the consequences.

“They have spoken to the victim of this crime and understand the impact of their actions and have tried to put right what they have done. None of them have committed offences since.”