Teenager uses film to fight peer pressure

Sarah Baker addresses the camera to talk about peer pressure.
Sarah Baker addresses the camera to talk about peer pressure.

A teenager has helped create a film to show young people they don’t have to give in to peer pressure.

Former Brighshaw High School pupil Sarah Baker, 18, and her team were concerned that others their age may make bad choices because they are worried they won’t fit in if they don’t follow the crowd.

Miss Baker said: “We wanted to do this project because we can all relate to it. Everyone has been peer pressured at least once in their life. People think they have to succumb to peer pressure because otherwise they’re not cool and they’ll get abused for it.”

The group has worked with Fixers, the charity that gives young people a voice, to create a film to get their message across.

It focuses on the peer pressure associated with online challenges, where young people are encouraged to take part in a specific activity and post the results on social media.

At the start, the characters in the film are seen completing light-hearted challenges including the ‘No Make-Up Selfie’, but this quickly escalates.

By the end, they’re being pressured to take part in harmful activities that could pose a serious risk to their health.

The film ends with a plea for young people to understand what they are getting themselves into.

Miss Baker added: “I think the film is fantastic. It really grabs the viewer’s attention, but gets the message out there too.”

The teenager and her team hope to show their film locally, as well as sharing it on social media to reach as wide an audience as possible.

To see the video log on to www.fixers.org.uk and scroll through Films by Fixers for #Dontjudgechallenge.