Teen’s crash death was ‘accident’ inquest told

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THE DEATH of a 17-year-old boy who was in collision with a travelling car was accidental, an inquest heard.

Joshua Charles Housley, of Elm Crescent, Kinsley, was on his way to Wakefield College, when he and a silver Volkswagon Polo collided on March 26, 2010. The incident occurred on Wakefield Road at 7.43am.

Driver of the car, Arran Woodall, of Barnsley Road, Hemsworth, said in police interview that he did not see the teen and estimated travelling at 28mph.

Joshua - who studied independent living skills at the college - was taken to Pinderfields Hospital by ambulance, but died the next day.

A postmortem by Dr Jenny Thomas showed that Joshua died from multiple injuries, including a fracture to his spine, and bruising and damage to his brain.

Police accident investigator Keith Raynor, estimated the car to be travelling between 34 and 42 mph in the 30mph speed limit zone.

He added: “Both parties should have got a clear view of each other.”

Witnesses said they saw the former Fitzwilliam J&I pupil walk out of junction of Milton Drive.

Christopher Knock was driving along Wakefield Road towards Featherstone, and said he saw the silver car and estimated it as travelling at a ‘normal speed’,

He saw a person appear from Milton Drive, and that the person stepped out in front of the car.

He said: “The person came out of nowhere. He didn’t stop.”

Patricia Finan, also saw the accident and said Joshua was rushing and walked straight onto the road.

Another witness, who passed Joshua that morning, said she saw him stop and look before crossing.

Wakefield’s assistant deputy coroner, Mary Burke said that as this witness did not see the actual collision, she favoured the accounts of those who had seen the incident.

She added there were disputes at to whether Joshua did stop, but Mr Raynor said it would not have made a difference if he had stopped and then stepped into the road.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Ms Burke, said Joshua’s “tragic and sudden” death was a result of the unfortunate actions of those involved and was never intended.

Joshua’s mother, Vicky Elen Hartley, said he was mildly autistic and loved music, television and sport.

In a statement read at the inquest, she stated: “He was very loving and liked to show his affection to friends and family.