Suicidal man died due to fumes

A DEPRESSED Kinsley man committed suicide by locking himself in his car and pumping exhaust fumes through the passenger window, an inquest heard.

Clive Conrad Williamson, 42, of Common Road, was discovered by a passer-by who had been walking his dog on the footpath near Ferry Top Lane, Ryhill, on April 8.

A hose pipe was found attached to the exhaust of the black Vauxhall Vectra, feeding through to the passenger window with any gaps being covered by a blanket, the inquest was told.

Police and emergency services were called but Mr Williamson was pronounced dead by paramedics at 9.35am.

The former joiner had been married to wife Joanne for 24 years but they had separated six months prior to his death.

Assistant deputy coroner Mary Burke said: “Mr Williamson was finding it difficult coping with marriage difficulties and had been diagnosed with depression which he received various medications for.

“His depressive state did improve but it is clear that at the beginning of April he expressed suicidal thoughts – he was referred to a crisis intervention team who saw no risk.”

Mr Williamson had a history of taking illicit drugs but had sought help from Turning Point and was on a methadone programme, the inquest heard.

Mrs Burke, recording a verdict of suicide, said: “Joanne saw Mr Williamson the day before he died and said he had looked upbeat.

“However, by the late afternoon he was sending her text messages which expressed concern that his feelings were fragile.

“These were not unusual to the messages he had sent her when they separated, so she had no reason to be concerned.

“Mr Williamson undertook a deliberate act and understood that the consequences of his own actions would cause death.

“Notes in his handwriting were found with him showing what his intentions were.”

A pathology report said Mr Williamson had suffered an overdose of carbon monoxide.