Smiles all round when Mayor visited school

Wakefield Mayor Elaine Blezard visiting Ryhill J+I School
Wakefield Mayor Elaine Blezard visiting Ryhill J+I School

THE MAYOR of Wakefield took a day out of her busy schedule to visit excited youngsters at Ryhill Junior and Infant School.

Pupils greeted Coun Elaine Blezard, and her consort, her husband Stephen Blezard, with lots of questions about her role when she went to the school on Chapel Street last Thursday.

In particular they wanted to know all about her mayoral robes and impressive looking chains

Alison Edwards, a higher level teaching assistant at the school, said the children were thrilled to meet her and learnt a lot from the visit.

She said: “The children really enjoyed it and it was a great day for them.”

“The mayor visited the school’s council and then went on to see all the classes in the school where children sang songs to welcome her.”

“It gave the children an awareness of the local council and what responsibilities she has.

“They all had a wonderful time.”

The mayor is elected by the council annually and serves for one year.

Coun Blezard, who represents the Normanton ward, was elected as the Mayor of Wakefield earlier this year in April.