SLIDESHOW: Readers share storm and rainbow photographs

Readers in the Five Towns and the surrounding area were treated to the sight of a beautiful rainbow on Friday night before storm clouds moved in.

Here are some of the pictures they took and shared with us.

The weather was also a talking point on our Facebook fan page.

Tracy White said: “I’m in Ossett and all I heard at 3am was heavy rain – no thunder – didn’t see any lightening either.

Chris McPhie said: “I saw a dozen or so flashes, and one clap of thunder.”

Jon Innövate Young said: “The actual “storm” passed Wakefield to the East but the clouds and the rainbow were spectacular.”

Charlotte Elliott North said: “All I heard was rain nothing else and had window open with it still been warm. Can’t believe the amount if water on street at 4am and at 7am it had dried..”

Rita Lopes said: “It was extremely loud here. Thunder was scary. Very heavy rain. It lasted about an hour. This was in Wolley. No photos though.”

Matthew Gill said: “We filmed it from dry Ryhill about 9pm and counted 8 flashes in 60 seconds at one point. Storm Looked to be passing over Horbury and heading east.