SLIDESHOW: Pupils make a wish in support of little Lewis and Candlelighters

When Normanton Common Primary Academy held a wishing well event in support of Candlelighters, little Lewis Batey was among dozens of pupils who threw in a coin and made a wish.

The courageous seven-year-old is fighting Leukaemia.

Lewis Batey with Normanton Common Primary School pupils.

Lewis Batey with Normanton Common Primary School pupils.

And he is one of hundreds of children who has been helped by the children’s cancer charity.

Lewis was diagnosed with the disease in November after being rushed to Leeds General Infirmary when his mum Michele Wilson noticed bruising that wasn’t going away.

She said: “I had noticed a lot of bruises on his leg that just didn’t look right and stayed blue. Some were perfect circles and there was more and more of them appearing.

“He had been getting a bit breathless and complaining of chest pains.”

The youngster was in and out of hospital until the end of January and suffered various complications from his cancer treatment including a blood clot in his leg, which has left him in a wheelchair.

Lewis, who lives in Normanton, went back to school soon after, despite still undergoing chemotherapy.

Ms Wilson said: “He loves school. He missed his friends and wanted to get back as soon as he could.

“He can get quite down at times by everything but with other people around and his lessons, it gives him something to focus on.

“A lot of kids would turn around and say I’m not doing this I’m not going there but Lewis doesn’t. He just gets on with things.

“Come the start of Year 3 in September, my dream is that he will be able to walk to school again with his hair grown back.

“Hopefully, soon he can get active again and just go back to something like normality.”

Lewis’ school wanted to hold a fundraising event to mark his return.

He was asked to pick a charity to support and chose Candlelighters, which has helped him and his family through his treatment.

John Salway, acting head at Normanton Common Primary Academy, said: “Lewis is undergoing treatment in Leeds but has come back to school and is doing really well.

“We wanted to do something to celebrate the fact he is back and raise funds for charity and we decided to host a wishing well.

“Children shared their hopes and wishes for Lewis and for a better world.

“It was a great success and lots of parents came down to support.

“It was a very simple idea that touched everybody’s hearts and there were lots of really mature responses from our children.”

Lewis attended the wishing well ceremony with his mum and dad Paul Batey.

Ms Wilson said: “Lewis cut the ribbon to open the well and it was a lovely proud mum moment.

“A couple of tears rolled down my face because it was hard knowing that it was our kid that was the poorly one. You always think these things happen to someone else.

“I’m still struggling to accept what has happened to him but everyday we smile for him and keep his spirits up.

“Lewis’ school and classmates were all devastated to hear he had Leukaemia and they have always been supportive.

“It made my heart melt to see them all with their wishes, all there supporting him.

“He is a really courageous little boy who has not asked for this to be put on him but he copes so well.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone for being there as much as they have been.”

The school raised more than £600 for the charity.