Slideshow: Fairytale wedding for Don’t Tell the Bride couple

A loving couple tied the knot by having a fairy tale Snow White themed wedding.

Millions of viewers watched Lee and Danielle Powell get married on BBC One’s hit show Don’t Tell the Bride on Tuesday.

Lee and Danielle Powell get married on BBC One's hit show Don't Tell the Bride.

Lee and Danielle Powell get married on BBC One's hit show Don't Tell the Bride.

Mr Powell was given £12,000 and just three weeks to plan the wedding.

And his bride-to-be had no input into what was going to happen on the biggest day of her life.

Mr Powell, 26, organised a huge wedding that celebrated his dwarfism and to show off his sense of humour.

He chose an over-the-top Snow White and Seven Dwarfs theme, including having his bride-to-be arrive in a horse and carriage.

And the groom and his friends each dressed up as one of the dwarfs from the Disney film.

Mr Powell said: “People say planning a wedding is easy as they have years to plan it but when you have three weeks and no female input it is a whole different ball game. “I wanted to put my own twist and plans into the wedding.

“But I had to keep thinking ‘I hope Ellie likes what I have planned for her.’

“I found it very hard not having her input so planning one of the biggest things in our lives on my own was very stressful.

“I would never now or in the future look back and think I should not have done that as it was an amazing experience.”

Mrs Powell, 25, initially wanted a low key and intimate wedding.

But she said she fully trusted her husband to organise the biggest day of her life.

Mrs Powell said: “From waking up in the morning I had no idea what was in store for me.

“I was so anxious to see what had been done for me throughout the three weeks but knew it would be a perfect day regardless.

“I had all my faith in Lee that he would do a brilliant job. I was so excited to see everything fall in to place and to start our new lives as Mr and Mrs.”

The couple, of South Kirkby, tied the knot at a ceremony at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.