Shetland foal stolen from field in Methley

pic credit with Naomi Mitchell
pic credit with Naomi Mitchell

The owners of a four-week-old miniature shetland pony that has been stolen from a field in Methley are worried it could die if it is not found soon.

The foal, called Daisy, was taken from her field in Lower Mickletown on Wednesday afternoon.

Naomi Mitchell, whose five-year-old niece Macy Wheeler owns the horse, says the family has been left distraught by the disappearance and are worried Daisy may not be getting the milk she needs to stay alive.

Miss Mitchell said: “We are absolutely heartbroken by Daisy’s disappearance, especially Macy as this is her first animal and she loves her to bits.

“This is the first time that Daisy has been away from her mother since she was born four weeks ago and we are devastated because if she doesn’t get the milk she needs from her mother or if she isn’t being hand fed milk, she is going to die.

“The mother is really distressed, she’s still producing milk and I can only imagine how distressed the foal must be being taken away at such a young age.”

Daisy is mostly white on her back with a black head and neck and a white star shape on forehead. She also has white eyelashes.

West Yorkshire Police Horse Watch is appealing for anyone with information to come forward.